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There is no shortage of developments in a legalized cannabis industry that continues to blossom and thrive. But staying abreast of these developments in a constantly evolving market can be challenging. Canadian cannabis news is everywhere, but what sources can you trust?

If you buy weed online in Canada, then new products, strains, equipment, and scientific research are rolling out all the time. You need to keep abreast of all the most up to date information. Whether you are investing or worried about healthy products. If you are a cannabis consumer, you should be reading cannabis news.

Here we list the top Canadian resources so you can stay on top of the latest news and trends.

1) Cannabis Culture

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Cannabis Culture started out as a print magazine discussing all things cannabis. Having moved to an online publication, it’s widely regarded as one of the primary sources for cannabis-related information. The team at Cannabis Culture now provides high-quality journalism and news about cannabis-related politics, activism, growing information, entertainment, and much more.

2) Leafly Canada

Leafly is one of the world’s leading sources of all things cannabis. If you’re interested in the latest news, product reviews, strain information, or the best in cannabis journalism, then Leafly is the place to visit. Leafly has a presence in several countries, and the Canadian version of their site offers a personalized experience where they provide the latest news along with information on local dispensaries and the strains they stock.

3) 420 Intel

420 Intel is one of the leading news sources for the Canadian cannabis industry. With a commitment to bringing the most important cannabis news stories from across the country, they cover daily stories relating to the latest developments in both the recreational and medicinal markets.

They also provide additional coverage of cannabis stocks and market developments, along with up-to-date legal information as it relates to the provinces and territories, and sections on tech and politics in the sector. They also include a useful directory on their site that details myriad businesses in the sector, from insurance to lighting, education, cultivation, and equipment.

4) Greencamp

Greencamp consists of a group of passionate cannabis experts who present a fresh perspective on a host of topics related to the cannabis industry. With hundreds of thousands of monthly readers, it’s one of the top Canadian resources. With a mission to educate the world on the countless benefits of cannabis, the team at Greencamp takes a scientific-based approach to reporting. Their well-researched and scientifically validated articles empower consumers and drive further scientific research on cannabis as society continues to eradicate the stigma attached to the plant.

If you’re interested in obtaining a better understanding of how the cannabis plant interacts with the human body and in honing your own relationship with the plant, then their in-depth guides simplify the scientific jargon with clear and to-the-point analysis.

5) CannaSOS

Based in Toronto, CannaSOS is a social resource for all your marijuana needs. They provide regular educational content that deals with a range of topics related to medical marijuana. If you’re trying to discern your terpenes from your flavonoids and understand the effects of each, this is the place to come. They also provide the lowdown on the myriad ways to consume the plant. And whether you dab, roll, vape, or simply drop a solution under your tongue, the guys at CannaSOS provide limitless tips on how to further harness a beneficial relationship with the plant.

6) Cannabis Life Network

Cannabis Life Network is one of Canada’s leading sources of breaking news and expert opinion on the ever-evolving cannabis industry in the country. CLN is the voice of the growers, entrepreneurs, and consumers who live a life dedicated to cannabis. They take pride in creating educational yet entertaining content that continues to push the cannabis movement forward, while also providing a much-needed counterpoint to negative coverage of the cannabis industry in the mainstream media.

With a regularly updated blog that covers education, business, lifestyle, health, law, and upcoming events, there are few aspects of the cannabis movement they’re not on top of!

7) Marijuana Mama 420

Marijuana Mama 420 is the brainchild of a Canadian cannabis enthusiast who has amassed a following describing her personal journey with the healing benefits of cannabis. With an attitude of plants over pills, she provides regular content around how to use cannabis to treat a host of ailments, along with abundant information on how to grow your very own stash of cannabis at home. From growing mediums to optimal curing, and from watering to composting, she reliably delivers educational information to those with a desire to learn more about the wonders of the cannabis plant.

8) Plants Not Pills – The PNP Academy

Plants Not Pills is the access point to medical marijuana licensing, information, and support in Canada. They are dedicated to helping you obtain a medical marijuana license or obtain access to safe, natural, and effective medicinal cannabis from Ontario’s top licensed producers.

In addition, they also provide regular educational content that consists of patient success stories, the working of the endocannabinoid system, and how to use cannabis in the treatment of a variety of lifestyle diseases.

9) Marijuana Index

For those interested in investing, Marijuana Index is the place that distills all the latest market trends in the Canadian marijuana sector. With an up-to-date analysis of all the main players in the industry, they also provide a graphical analysis of price history and trends.

Marijuana Index is also the go-to place for the latest market news. With a daily collection of relevant news stories, they provide the curious investor with the lowdown ahead of the market opening each day.

Buy Weed Online in Canada

Cannabis legalization is still in its infancy, and as a result things tend to move fast. Thankfully there are a host of online resources that enable any curious soul to keep themselves abreast of fast-moving developments in the industry.

For those who buy weed online in Canada, these resources provide endless benefits, not only in terms of news but in sourcing new strains and refining an existing relationship with the cannabis plant.

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