A lot of countries are ostensibly allowing the online vaporizer stores. The reason for the popularity is that E-cigarettes are beneficial for those smokers who want to quit smoking. Despite having the positive impact of having the E-cigarette, some countries still have conservative laws on E-cigarette. 

Many countries strictly prohibited the E-cigarette while many countries enacted strict laws and regulations on wholesales Cannabis accessories like E-cigarette especially for travelers. 

If you are traveling to another country, you need to pay some attention to various E-cigarette regulations and laws to avoid penalties. In this post, we’ll discuss the laws made by certain countries on E-cigarette for travelers and how it will affect them. 

So, let’s get started. 

The United States 

In the United States, E-cigarette were declared illegal in 2010 due to it being viewed as the product of tobacco.  However, after a long discussion, the E-cigarette remained undecided for a long time. But in 2014, some formal E-cigarette laws were amended. The FDA mandated an online headshop for vaporizers required to disclose the key ingredient and the safety of that E-cigarette.

Some regulations also discourse about the E-cigarette ban for individuals below the age of 18. Moreover, in the United States, some laws may vary from state to state. Some states banned the use of E-cigarette completely, while some states are allowing the use of these devices indoors. 

In addition to this, one needs to consider various vaping laws in the United States; one needs to summarize the entire E-cigarette laws for the whole country as they require certain cohesion. 

  • E-cigarettes must be regulated for safety. 
  • The device must be FDA approved, and the ingredient needs to be disclosed. 
  • Prohibited bongs and pipes for sale using the bending machines 
  • Nicotine products need not be sold to minor places. 


Like the United States, in Europe, certain places prohibited the use of E-cigarette, while at some places, E-cigarette use has some liberty with certain laws. In some parts, the Public Health Commission declared that E-cigarette is a 95% healthier alternative for those who want to quit the cigarette.  However, the declaration is made based on the cited government study on E-cigarettes to date. In addition to this, most European countries may legalize the use of E-cigarette, but their advertisement has been restricted. Moreover, they also set the age of the individual for the consumption of the E-cigarettes. 

Plus, the size of the e-juice bottle is also limited to what can be bought, including the limitation of the maximum nicotine amount to be purchased. Summarising the whole liberal regulations that are amended in European countries are as follows: 

  • Ban on the advertisement of the E-cigarette
  • Ban on the use of vaping in public transport and public places too
  • Online headshops for vaporizers cannot sale the E-cigarette to the individual below the age of 18
  • Nicotine content should not exceed 20mg.
  • Vaporizer online stores cannot sell bottles that exceed 10ml.
  • The vape tank must not exceed more than 2ml.
  • Ban on certain flavors 


Like the United States, the laws on E-cigarette consumption also vary amongst places in Canada. Yukon and Saskatchewan don’t have any legalization for E-cigarette. Simultaneously, some Canadian areas that have restrictions on the use of E-cigarette are Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Quebec. 

In addition to this, Ontario recently approved the bill with certain laws regarding the E-Cigarette. This will make a major restriction on the use of E-cigarette in Canada. However, the vaping laws have commonalities throughout Canada, which are as follows: 

  • Ban on the selling of E-cigarette to minors or below the age of 18
  • Ban on vaping at public places 
  • Ban on vaping in cars and with children 
  • Advertisement and promotions of E-cigarette are strictly prohibited. 
  • The selling of E-cigarette is prohibited with the help of a vending machine. 

 However, the Canadian law bill in the process of implementing within Ontario also includes the prohibition of the flavors that may attract minors. 

Other Countries 

Many countries also made various laws on the use of E-cigarette, and in some countries, the use of E-cigarette is completely illegal. You will be surprised to know that some countries like Hong Kong even imprison those who use nicotine-based E-cigarettes. China holds even the E-cigarette patent; they still have strict laws on the use of E-cigarette. 

Other countries that have strict laws on E-cigarette consumption are as follows: 

  • Bahrain 
  • Argentina 
  • East Timor
  • Brazil
  • Hong Kong 
  • Japan (the E-cigarette with nicotine is prohibited) 
  • Singapore 
  • Thailand 
  • India (the individual can be imprisoned if anyone finds using E-cigarette in public places) 
  • United Arab Emirates 

How are These Regulations Affecting the Travelers? 

Countries have strict laws regarding the consumption of E-cigarettes in their locality. So, international travelers need to research before traveling to other countries whether the E-cigarettes are legalized there or not. 

Moreover, some countries have stringent laws; if you don’t have accurate information about the E-cigarette regulations, then the traveler may get into serious trouble while traveling. Furthermore, make sure to pack the E-cigarette accurately if you are travelling with it in another country. 

Always keep in mind battery safety if you have extra batteries while traveling, and then wrap them properly in the plastic case. Don’t ever try to vape on the flight where it is strictly prohibited and looks impolite to other travelers on the flight. 

Even if you are just packing the E-cigarette in your checked baggage, then you can face severe penalties in the United States. But you are permitted if you are carrying the E-cigarette in your jacket or pocket on the flight. 

However, you are not allowed to pack it in the checked bag. This regulation has been made because of many fires seen in the checked baggage of the people which occurred due to Lithium batteries of the E-cigarettes. 

If you are traveling to a different country, E-cigarette may or may not be legalized. Make sure to do some intensive research to avoid any misfortune with you. Your wholesale Cannabis accessories should be packed safely to avoid any mishappening and becoming a significant issue for you.

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