Guidelines on Choosing the Right Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates are increasingly growing in popularity as one of the best consumption methods today. Despite this, however, many find them intimidating and are still hesitant to try it. And they are not entirely unfounded, as it takes some learning to perform dabbing techniques and adjust the tolerance level.

Compared to flowers and edibles, concentrates are so much more potent, and require some smoking technology to be consumed. Despite all these, concentrates are expected to become more sought after as it continues to become even more popular. Here are some tips on how to choose the right concentrates.

Kinds of Concentrates Available Today

If you are still starting out, go slowly. Many dispensaries sell concentrates ranging in potency. It is best to start at the lower end of the spectrum of THC concentration, like one with 70 percent THC. Generally, the more potent a concentrate is, the more it will cost. Remember, though, that a gram of concentrate can last longer than a gram of bud, so you do not have to take as much hits to feel its effects.

Concentrates come in many forms, with the most common being wax and shatter. Wax looks like candle wax and is one of the most versatile kinds because it can be used in a dab rig, or added in a joint or bowl. Shatter, also called glass, are sheets of translucent amber that breaks like glass shards. It is one of the purest forms of cannabis oil available today. Other kinds of concentrates are rosin, honey oil, crumble and hash

When buying high quality cannabis concentrates, make sure that it is free of solvents and contaminants. It should be produced from quality nugs, and not leftover shake or trim. Trim contains fewer terpenes than nugs, and tend to have a bad and off-putting chlorophyll taste. For the best concentrates, make sure that you go with something that is full of flavor, potent, and safe to consume.

Choosing High Quality Right Concentrates

  • Appearance Test

Take a close look at the concentrate. If it is green or very dark, it might contain leftover contaminants and is therefore low quality. Go with one that is amber in color and is translucent, as this means that it is properly produced and no contaminants are present in the final product.

  • Smell Test

Hold the concentrate to your nose and take a whiff. If it has a sweet-earth smell, it should be made with nug. Otherwise, the product is most likely made with trim or other low quality cannabis product. The dried the cannabis plant used in making the concentrate, the more terpenes are lost in the production process.

  • Taste Test

Those who have consumed trim run concentrates reported a distinct chlorophyll taste. Trim leaves still have chlorophyll in them, so the taste of the finished product will be affected. Others have said that they have a peppery taste that tingles the nose and throat. If the product has a chemical taste, it might not be of good quality.

  • Sound Test

When using a vape pen, you should not hear any sizzling sound from the concentrate. If you hear any popping, cracking or sizzling sounds, these are sure signs that there are contaminants in the product, such as leftover water or butane. Listen to the concentrate to have a clue of its quality.

  • Flame Test

The flame test tells if there are any possible remnants or alcohol or butane without having to dab the product. Place the flame right above and concentrate to heat the product just enough and make it bubble. If any of the bubbles spark or ignite, there is surely some leftover butane in the product.

The world of cannabis concentrates is very big, and learning how to choose the best ones can be quite daunting in the beginning. Follow the tips outlined above and choosing the right one should not be too hard. Make sure that you buy a product that matches your taste, preferences and price range.

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