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We have all had the experience of cleaning under the couch or digging through the stash box to find a bag of old weed. How can you tell if this dried up nug is any good? Learn to use your sense to narrow down if the weed is good, or if it has gone bad.

Learning the difference between a good weed and bad will help you keep your lungs happy and likely improve the overall smoking experience. Better yet, it might help inform your decision as you frantically google “Where to Buy Weed Online.” If you know what to look for before buying weed online, you’ll reduce the risk of getting a bad batch.

Follow along as we teach you to be a cannabis sommelier, with techniques for sourcing premium bud online.

How to Tell if You’ve Got Top Shelf Weed

There are several key indications of cannabis quality:

  • Nug size
  • Relative Humidity
  • Trichomes
  • Aroma

First, flower development is an important visual representation of cultivator experience and plant health. Not all growers are working towards nug size, but often the bigger the flower, the better the quality. Some growers use cultivation techniques to improve yields, but this can impact nug size. Popcorn cannabis is a category of flower that is equal in quality, but much smaller in size to what you might first expect.

The relative humidity is another important consideration for both drying and curing. A little bit of moisture is good for cannabis, as it helps protect volatile terpenes from evaporation or damage. Properly cured medical cannabis smells better, tastes better, and smokes better. If you squish the flower in your hand, it should never crumble, nor feel wet. But be warned! If it’s too wet, this is a potential breeding ground for mold and pathogens.

Trichome development indicates peak potency. Trichomes look like crystals with the naked eye, but when you use a magnifying glass, they look like Google Map Pins. If the bud was harvested at the ideal time, then the trichomes should appear cloudy. Too early, they will be clear. Too late, they turn amber. Look for cloudy trichomes for the best cannabinoid profile.

The aroma is one of the properties cannabis is most known for. Ultimately, as you sniff a well-cured flower, you’ll want big scents hitting your noise – and good ones. There are hundreds of terpenes, and all create unique profiles for each strain. If it smells good, then it’s likely a good batch.

How to Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Weed

If good weed hits all those points above, what is bad weed? Stale and expired cannabis has gone stale, dried out, or worse — moldy. Maybe it wasn’t harvested and cured correctly, or maybe the plants were unhealthy from the get-go. If your search on where to buy weed online has delivered a sad nug, use the following pointers to determine it is just poor quality or bad for your health.

Sight, What Does the Bud Look Like?

Visually inspect the flower for any serious issues. If you notice any mold, toss the bud right away. It is unhealthy to smoke flower with mold or fungal growth, as these can lead to serious respiratory infections. If you have a small handheld magnifying glass, this is useful for seeing greater details. So grab your magnifying glass, and peer inside the nug, between the trichomes. If you notice weblike hairs, this is mold. Bugs are another common sight, especially on outdoor varieties.

Touch, What Does the Bud Feel Like?

The ideal humidity is between 55 to 60 percent for cannabis storage. If it’s too dry (like that bud you found under your couch), it will crumble when handled. If the flower breaks apart and turns to dust, this is stale and way past its prime. The cannabinoid and terpenes profile has long since diminished, and this will be a very harsh smoke.

A perfectly cured nug should give slightly under finger pressure, but not easily squish together. It should feel sticky, but not wet. If the nug is too damp, it increases the risk of mold, bacteria, and fungal growth – which means a higher risk of respiratory infection should you smoke it.

Smell, What Does it Smell Like?

Use your sense of smell to investigate the terpene profile, because it should smell like something, even if it’s bad. Trust your gut, just like if you pulled out leftovers from the fridge for a sniff test. If you give your stash a big whiff, and it immediately seems off, it every likely is.

Remember, high quality flower will smell strong, but always smell good (like this Diablo Death Bubba). Big notes of pine, citrus, fruits, or even skunk and diesel are familiar scents among the popular strains.

Taste, What Does it Taste Like?

Finally, if the nug has passed all other tests, it’s ready to smoke. Do not consume any weed that you suspect has mold, bugs, or other serious issues. If you’ve noticed these things, the only way to deal with it is to throw it in the trash. Otherwise, perform a taste test. Roll it up in a joint or pack a small bowl, and take a few puffs.

It shouldn’t taste harsh. A smooth smoke indicates a quality product. With enough practice, you’ll be able to pull different flavors notes from the small as well, maybe a hint of blueberry or grassy undertones. If it tastes like nothing, it’s likely past its prime.

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