Just as there are thousands of teas with various spices and flowers, it is also possible to make marijuana tea. An infusion of Marijuana has effects that can be relaxing, stimulating or both at the same time. However, it depends on the impact of the strain you have chosen and its interaction with those of the tea. Would you like a cup?

Marijuana tea recipe

This marijuana tea recipe is straightforward to prepare. It has a good taste and a good effect. To prepare it, you only need tea, Marijuana, butter and milk, which, if it is whole, the better since THC dissolves and is fixed in fats.

Effects of infusing marijuana tea

Tea contains several alkaloids; the best known and most important is theine, which produces a sensation of both mental and physical stimulation, in a range that can go from a slightly energizing effect to almost euphoria.

For its part, Marijuana is well known and has highly variable effects, which can range from an absolute narcotic relationship to a psychedelic euphoria. The main active principle of cannabis is THC.

Once the tea and Marijuana are mixed, they will combine their effects, the result is complicated to guess, but it can be said that:

  • Relaxing marijuana + Soft tea = relaxation
  • Stimulating Marijuana + Mild Tea = Stimulation
  • Relaxing marijuana + Powerful tea = relaxation and stimulation (can be cerebral and physical)
  • Stimulating Marijuana + Mild Tea = Stimulation

In any case, a cannabis tea with small amounts of Marijuana is highly perfumed, comforting and relaxing. And the recipe is straightforward! Let’s go there.


  • A piece of bud. Surely you wonder how much, but the answer varies depending on the Marijuana and the user. If you do not know the marĂ­a you have in hand, it will be better to go little by little.
  • A tablespoon of butter.
  • Tea. There are many different teas; choose the one you like the most: green, fruity, spicy, strong, red, combined.
  • Water, of course, to infuse the tea.
  • Milk: better if it is whole milk to help fix THC. As for the quantity, 1/4 cup is enough, but you can add more. Remember that fats play a fundamental role in cannabis recipes!
  • Honey to taste (to sweeten, whoever likes it).

Instructions for preparation:

  1. You must first chop the Marijuana.
  2. Place a tablespoon of butter in a pan, add the Marijuana and mix well. Take care that the temperature does not rise too high: it is enough that the butter melts. Leave it for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Separately, prepare the tea. Serve the cup and add the milk in the proportion that you like best, from 1/4 cup.
  4. To give it that special touch, add the marijuana butter (you can see how to make it easier in the link) and mix well. Thanks to the milk, the preparation will have a homogeneous texture.
  5. If you prefer to avoid the vegetable pieces floating in the cup, it is highly recommended that you strain the butter beforehand.
  6. And if you prefer sweet tea, add honey. Remember that this is much healthier and more natural than sugar, and there are also infinite varieties: chestnut, oak, forest, rosemary and many more!

Just as fat is essential to extract THC, we recommend that you do not overdo it since a tea that tastes like a fat ball will not be delicious.

The effect of the tea made with Cannabis is very relaxing and does not have the power that a joint can have. Many people take it when leaving work, others to warm up in a meeting with friends, or even digestive or relieve pain. And why not, for an exquisite snack accompanied by some cookies or marijuana brownies!

The advantage of a marijuana infusion, compared to other methods of cannabis consumption, is that it can work perfectly and even work without problems (although everything will depend on how much bud you have used and how many cups you drink!).

Also, as you choose which tea to use, you always can intensify or counteract the effect. Remember that tea is itself a stimulant and that black teas provide you with a significant amount of energy, which can offset the narcotic effect of Marijuana. To enhance the opposite effect, valerian infusions, for example, are relaxing; mixed with marijuana tea can be a sedative combination.

Finally, keep in mind that marijuana tea, like all teas, is an ideal hot drink for winter, but that it is also delicious cold for hot days.


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