Popular Athletes Who Believe in Cannabis for Sports

Some of the world’s greatest athletes use cannabis. Need a quick example? Remember when Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, had to address a photo of him holding a bong?

Times have changed. Cannabis doesn’t hold the same stigma and legal obstacles that it did even a decade ago. Now it’s obvious athletes and others benefit from cannabis. This has ushered in an era where you can even buy recreational weed online.

The NBA Embraces Weed

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most progressive sports leagues in the world. So it’s not surprising that as of the 2020-2021 season, players are no longer drug tested for cannabis.

Old-timers and modern players alike have spoken to the merits of cannabis in sports. There is perhaps no better voice to this as eight-time NBA champion Steve Kerr. Winning championships as both a player and a modern-day coach, Kerr has the respect of his peers and the world.

Kerr uses cannabis to deal with chronic back pain. When he and Michael Jordan played with the Chicago Bulls together, they were coached by another cannabis advocate, Phil Jackson. Cannabis runs deep in NBA culture. It was only a matter of time before the NBA Commissioner caught up and discontinued penalizing players for use.

Fans Can Buy Recreational Weed Online from Athletes

Joe Montana is a veteran NFL quarterback who became a legend during his 15-year career. In his next phase of life, Montana decided to invest in the marijuana industry. In the past three years alone, Joe has invested nearly $80 million into cannabis.

In fact, Joe is just one of many current and former athletes who put his money where his mouth is. In case you still are wondering, his mouth says: marijuana is good.

Current and former players in the NFL have pushed the league to review its cannabis suspension policy. It looks like they have finally been heard. As of March 2020, the NFL no longer suspends players for cannabis use. This allows modern players to further explore the plant’s many health benefits.

Modern Athletes Fight the Good Fight

Despite all of the positive strides athletes have made, cannabis remains a bit taboo in sports. Nate Diaz and his brother, Nick, are bold both in and out of the UFC ring for their support of cannabis. The brothers have been known to use cannabis products on camera despite risking suspensions and fines.

This brazen showmanship has caused them to face consequences. It’s also allowed them to build new partnerships with cannabis companies, focusing on things like CBD-based workout recovery. In 10 years, the Diaz brothers might be looked at as forefather cannabis users in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Sports and Cannabis Evolve Together

Whatever sport you watch, there is an athlete who advocates for cannabis. It should come as no surprise that this also has an effect on fans. Whether fans disapprove of cannabis outright or already buy recreational weed online, opinions will evolve and the industry will just grow stronger.

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