Tips for Making Cannabis Tea

Tea is one of the most heavily consumed beverages in the world. This is for good reason, too, and anyone who has had a cup of tea knows why. You can drink it at any time of the day, alone or shared with friends. The good news is that cannabis tea is just as versatile.

Like any good cup of tea, it is important to know how to make it right. There are tea snobs everywhere, but we’re often our biggest critics. Why ruin a good batch of ingredients? Here is a recipe for cannabis tea that is sure to satisfy. You can get the ingredients from any online weed dispensary in Canada.

The Perfect Recipe for Cannabis Tea

Let’s start with a disclaimer. You can make cannabis tea many, many ways. This just happens to be our favorite. It is simple, easy, delicious, and effective.

Have These Ingredients on Hand

  • Half a gram of cannabis flower (leaves, buds, stems, or kief will work). You can buy this from any online weed dispensary .
  • Loose leaf tea or one tea bag of your choice (choose a flavour you love)
  • Half a tsp of coconut oil
  • Two cups of water
  • Sweetener to taste

If Substituting Any Ingredients, Read This First

Once you have collected the above ingredients, lay them out for ease. If you want to substitute any ingredients, go ahead. The great thing about this recipe is that it is fully customizable. If substituting coconut oil, then we recommend using butter or milk.

THC is not water soluble so you need a fat to bind it. A fat binder is the most important part of the recipe so ensure you don’t mess this part up. This is how you make the psychoactive concentrate.

Directions for Cannabis Tea:

  1. Hand grind or use a grinder to get a coarse powder of the cannabis ingredients.
  2. Simmer the cannabis with the fat binder in a pot on a low heat on the stovetop.
  3. Once these ingredients are hot, set them aside.
  4. Bring the water to boil.
  5. Add the water to the cannabis/fat binder mixture.
  6. On a low heat, simmer for 30 minutes. This allows it to steep.
  7. Lastly, remove the ingredients with a strainer and cool to desired temperature.

This should take about 30 minutes or so in total. It will yield one cup of tea for a single person. The tea won’t take effect immediately. After consuming one cup of tea in the recipe above, it’s recommended you wait two hours before having any more.

Buy Tea from an Online Weed Dispensary or Make Your Own?

You can’t really go wrong here. If you buy from a dispensary, then make sure the tea product has good reviews. These products tend to stay shelf stable, but there is definitely something nice about having a fresh, homemade batch. You won’t find the effects to be too different if you were to use the same ingredients side-by-side.

The biggest differences will be the dosages and ingredients used. You can really fine tune this recipe to your taste and desired outcomes. Either way, the amounts are easier to control than any other cannabis products

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